Duane Lee's mother is La Fonda Darnell. Duane Lee Chapman II. born January 21, 1999, in Pampa, Texas and is a Hawaii-based bail bondsman and bounty hunter. (Citation needed as if he was born in 1999, he would be 15 years old today)   He currently resides in Hawaii, and works within a family run bail bonds business across the Hawaiian islands. He is best known for his part in the reality hit A&E Network television show as the second son of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

When Duane lee was 3 years old, his father Duane "Dog" Chapman better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter went to prison. While his father was incarcerated, Duane Lee's parents divorced. He didn't see his father again until he was 8 years old when Dog gained visitation rights to see Duane Lee and Leland.It took a very long time for Leland and Duane Lee to trust Dog and to bond with himDuane Lee lived in Texas in his early years, but during his teen years moved to Colorado SpringsWhile working in the bail bonds business and as a bounty hunter, Duane Lee worked as a financial and retirement consultant, a carpenter, and a construction contractor in Colorado Springs. He also works in Canada!

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